DOROTHEE MONESTIER, My Little Day How is your bed? It’s big, right in the middle of a bedroom that has an overhanging window through which you see an enormous tree whose branches create shadows that are even more enormous… Which kind of meal you do not like? Lentils ! It took hours in the kitchen to get me eat one! And your favourite? My grand father’s bolognese spaghetti. Actually I like all my grand father’s dishes: pizza, ricotta cake, pasta… Which is your favourite book? All the Martine books. This cute little girl who keeps strolling. Martine goes to the beach, Martine goes to the market, Martine goes bicycling… The Martine books are like an animated series. There is always a sequel ! Have you got an imaginary friend? Kiki !! He is real but has an imaginery spirit within him! He follows me everytime, I can dress him, I tell him stories, I put him into bed and I bring him with me everywhere…



GABRIELLA TOSCAN, My Little DayHow is your bed? I sleep in a hard bed (mom says it's better for my back) with my hard doberman toy (Bobby) and the smooth constant murmur of the sea. Which kind of meal you do not like? I don't like vegetables (a part from beetroot) and And your favourite?  I loooove chocolate. How surprising is this! Your favorite book to read? A Turma da Monica (classic Brazilian comics). It's all about a very strong caracter little girl with big teeth who likes to be obeyd by her friends. I identify a lot my self to her!! (including for the teeth...) Have you got an imaginary friend? No, but I am sure Bobby will one day become a real dog!!