How is your bed? My bed is colored in light pink . On my sheets are tiniest trees and mushrooms printed....and the best friend of my childhood-nights is sitting on my pillow. It's a sleeping bunny and I never could be without him. Which kind of meal you do not like?  I hate slimy egg white and fatty meat. And your favourite? My favourite meals are "Wiener Schnitzel" and crispy chicken wings....but I also love sweet desserts like semolina pudding with raspberries.  Your favorite book to read? I'm five and yet not so good in reading but I have a wonderful picture book named " Die kleine Biene Nimmersatt" and I can't stop looking at. It's the story of a little bee that is always hungry and lazy . In the afternoon my mother or my father read it to me... Have you got an imaginary friend? I wish I could have siblings...cause sometimes I like to have a friend always at my side. This friend is a little bit like me, kind of a twin sister and whenever I wish to  have a companion  she's there.