The Telepathists !

Italian artist Stefano Arienti has transformed some large and time worn local river rocks into roughly hewed and painted heads, placing them so that they would camouflage in the landscape. It's a permanent installation in the village of Trivero (Biella, I) presented by Fondazione Zegna for the third edition of ALL’APERTO, opened 24 September 2011. Arienti involved in the project the students from the local secondary schools inviting them to spread the news and to draw with him, in a collective action, the imaginary faces of "I Telepathists".

“I chose an ironic title, such as "I Telepati", to evoke those people capable of transmitting their thoughts – which is something I personally don’t believe possible, but that makes everybody fantasize a lot – because I like the idea that sculptures may embody the concept of immaterial communication. As if a contemporary technology such as the Internet realized an ancient dream of humanity: that of communicating at a distance, “wireless”. Stefano Arienti