VIOLETA LOPIZ, illustator Boda+Carmen+Unzeta+84+(3)How is your bed? Oh!!! my bed!!! It´s cover by the most amazing blanquet ever, trains and rales, in each vagon there is a strange animal, but they are very bizarre, the are painted in strange colors, a green rinozerous, a blue dog, a hipopotame in orange. The whole combination of colors just makes me confortable and wilde, strong orange and green and blue, and yellow, never posible to use for me as an old illustrator. There is just this and a book pillow that I love to feel in my face. Which kind of meal you do not like?I hate, really hate this gazpacho! Everyday tomato cold soup lowered with water and cucumber. And please, dont give me this white thing on the bread, “mantequilla”?, its really disgusting to put fat on the bread, its not tasting to anything!  And your favourite? But I love chocolate in the milk! Ah! If I dont have cacao for breakfast, I will be really sad and ugly this day. I love the letters in the soup, and the homelette withouth egg, ah! Yes, the homelette is done just with eggs, but I dont like when you see the egg liquid, perfect, thank you! Your favorite book to read? Tragasueños (“Das Traumfresserchen” from Michael Ende illustrated by Annegert Fuchshuber ) and all kind of illustrated dictionaries, specially the one of Richard Scarry. Have you got an imaginary friend? No, but I had a dog and a duck and a rabbit and a goat instead, and I have the snow white house, and I have a car to run with your own legs!