Christmas is coming, let’s prepare for it!
Thanks to PLAYin CHOC advent calendar we will have the sweetest and the funniest way to wait:
24 drawers with 10g organic chocolate with coconut + 3D puzzle & fun facts card each.
Once each drawer is removed, replace back to front to form a new picture which will be completed on Christmas Eve. The outer sleeve of the advent can also be opened up into a landscape to play with all 24 toys. Santa Claus is coming to town!


We discover these lovely children’s dresses-up by For just one day: they are inspired by theatre, vintage aerialist costumes or eccentric explorers from the past. These clothes capture the spirit, innocence, and freedom of childhood, and obscure the line between clothing and costume. They encouraging children to play and wear pieces with creative expression wherever they choose!


il manuale delle 50 (piccole) rivoluzioni per cambiare il mondo in realtà è una cosa grande.
Le mie figlie mi hanno già sgridato: ho tenuto il manuale in borsa con al seguito bottiglietta d'acqua (ovviamente chiusa male) e l'ho già rovinato e ondulato.
Sembra che lo abbia già utilizzato per la mia piccola rivoluzione.
In realtà l'ho letto, ma la mia rivoluzione non l'ho fatta.
È un progetto di Federico Taddia, giornalista, autore, conduttore radiofonico per Radio 24, e Pierdomenico Baccalario, tra tante cose autore di romanzi d'avventura per ragazzi, con le illustrazioni di Antongionata Ferrari.  
Dopo i volumi dedicati alle 50 missioni segrete e alle ennesime avventure, ecco la rivoluzione.
Non e' un libro, è un vero e proprio manuale con tanto di busta contenente un documento molto importante.
Da mamma, da grande e da donna, amo le rivoluzioni del tipo, prova a rimanere sconnesso, a usare il dizionario, fai una ricerca senza copiare da wikipedia, non seguire la moda, cerca e dai buone notizie... ma soprattutto quella di passare la palla agli "scarsi". Penso da adulto che sia la prova in cui credere di più anche da grande e la più difficile da insegnare ai nostri figli.
Da non perdere. Anche per noi grandi.


Children have been having fun riding tricycles for hundreds of years.
We know that a good quality tricycle can be passed on through generations as a family heirloom. Today the Foxrider retains its style heritage whilst perpetuating the timeless values of quality and fun that have been the hallmark of its success since 1957. Do you know them? Let’s have a look!


Let’s smile with the new Mickey Mouse Capsule Collection by Fermob!
A co-branding exercise with Disney to celebrate the 90th birthday of the world’s most famous mouse! Four products: a full-size iconic Bistro chair for adults and a smaller one for kids, a mobile lamp and a trivet, everything fitted out with Mickey Mouse’s silhouette; Mickey Mouse’s fan come on!


We totally fall in love with Main Sauvage, a French brand of soft and fun toys for kids, focusing on eco-design. Their products are made in an ecological and sustainable way and…they will be available soon in store!


We discover Jeune Premier who is combining parent's wish with child's fantasy, fantastic!


A mission to make every day fun: Illuminated Apparel!


How does Poppik works ? It is a mosaic to complete with stickers. Put colorful stickers on a grid following a numbered code, little by little, a large image appears! 


Wooden toys and furniture made in the Beskid mountains in Poland, here you are Wooden story!


Eguchi Toys is a wonderful Taiwanese brand that creates handmade wooden toys. We find out all the sweetness of Chinese design in the choice of shapes, colors and materials. A company that makes timeless games!


Mister Tody: ecological that are pretty! Discover imaginative play that looks good in your kids room…


Pap Yay is born out of the experience of parenthood: a modern puzzle made of simple geometrical bright shapes, let’s discover it!


Let’s play with the ball that fits every pocket! This is Foooty: choose your color and make all the shapes you want!


Discover more about M.O.T.S. by the designer and researcher Juliette Pépin: an educational design project addressing cultural diversity's constructive effects on children education.
Throughout a designed set of tools and a method of creative activities around foreign scripts and languages, the project encourages children to adopt a positive and curious stance towards pluralism. The design was developed in collaboration with Bobigny preschool Marcel Cachin (France), Professor Cécile Mohamadi, Educational Counselor Elisabeth Schirmer, psychologist Martine Daniel, the 25 children of the Cécile Mohamadi’s class and supervised by Catelijne Van Middelkoop (Design Academy Eindhoven).

photo credists: 1  by Lisa Klappe 2016 - the others by Juliette Pépin 2016


We discover these hand-finished original, beautiful & vibrant costumes by Iwishiwas: a homegrown 100% British brand who wants to capture the spirit and playfulness of a childhood filled with exploration and discovery. It brings joy and fun to every day life and that's why its pieces are conceived to be worn along with everyday clothing. So do not save it for best, make everyday a dressing up day!


We discover this sensory lounge for babies by Snuggle Me Organic, beautiful!


We find out this beautiful project by Lisanne Koning: Inside the Box. She creates a way to make the relief packages for refugees or those in disaster-stricken areas themselves fun by printing colourful images of animals, vehicles and board games on the inside. These can easily be cut out to make toys and there are different colour codes for different ages. Playing is a basic need for children, it helps them to cope, so in this way, the aid boxes are not wasted, but get a new life, brightening the days of the most vulnerable.
Remember that every child deserves the chance to play untroubled no matter what the circumstances are!


We totally fall in love with these costum handmade objects by Haptic Lab: an interdisciplinary design studio founded by Brooklyn architect Emily Fischer in 2009. Specializing in tactile and sensory design, their projects and spaces are designed to playfully explore the sense of touch and feel. Here you areour favourites: the Flame red Sailing Ship kite Set that really flies and is made in collaboration with Balinese artisans, and the Flying Martha Ornithopter, a flying mechanical toy powered by a rubber band. Wow!


Look at these archetypal pieces of furniture by Tom Frencken, a Dutch artist and designer who lives and works in Eindhoven. This hand-made creations look like they have been put together totally random and haphazardly: yet every angle, inch and position is deliberately chosen, so how unstable it might look, as solid and sustainable it is!
We really love this unique family of furniture that is a bit cartoonish, but always recognizable and feeling familiar!