unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK
art and design for kids
@ 82. Pitti Immagine Bimbo
KidzFIZZ, Padiglione Medici, Firenze, Fortezza da Basso
January 21-23, 2016

In the occasion of the 82.Pitti Immagine Bimbo we are proud to annunce the second edition of the brand project, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, that takes place in Milano from 12th to 17th April during the Design Week. Since 2013, during the winter edition, Pitti Immagine Bimbo invites unduetrestella to show a little but precious preview of the main show in program in Milan.

With unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, we point the attention to the most important Italian event dedicated to design since years, by dedicating a special week to art and creative projects for kids. 

Art, design, and creativity are the key-players of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK. unduetrestella deeply perseveres to create and show the most interesting design ways and creatives solutions to live and grow with kids, but first of all to be kids. The idea is to show different solutions, different “spaces for kids” cohoperating with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people involved in kids universe. unduetrestella is still continuing its research and scouting itinerary in an internationally context to include and shed light on the most particular and interesting projects oriented to the kids world. After the last year experience at Superstudio Più, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK will come back to its fundamental concept: install a real house for kids in a real domestic location, in a real house!

For the preview of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, hosted in the KidZ FIZZ area (Padiglione Medici) we are happy to play with letters, alphabeth, ABC and numbers: the cardboard seats Alphabet by Elena Bergamini - CUCUMA, the new collection of wooden letters with different fonts by unduetrestella, the ceramic and colorful ones by MV% Ceramics Design, the Animal Alphabet illustrated by the British Marcus Reed, the Multiply stickers by the Spanish Tresxics, ABC music boxes by georges. With unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK there will be Ocarina the first mp3 player designed entirely for kids, in 4 colors and for the first time the new collection of art toys by toctocLab. For the second time, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK is happy to cooperate with the stroller brand Joolz: in this occasion the Dutch brand company presents the new Joolz DISCOVERY and the new bio cotton tissues.

Thanks to Linea Mammababy that supports the event. For 82.Pitti Immagine Bimbo the Italian baby and kidscare company presents its new 2016 product: the baby conditioner.

unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK is conceived by unduetrestella, a project of art, design and food for children, based in Milan, ideated and curated by Paola Noé.


They are present: 
Alicucio (I), Aneluma (I) aneluma.itAnitas Peg Dolls (US) anitaspegdolls.etsy.comElena Bergamini - CUCUMA (I) elenabergamini.itDellemyr (SE) dellemyr.segeorges (F) georges-me.comJoolz (NL), Il Mondo di Eve (I), Lilipinso (F) lilipinso.comLinea MammaBaby (I) lineamammababy.comMV% Ceramics Design (I), Mana’o Nani (PL) manaonani.comNidi (I) nidi.itOcarina (I), Puella Petite (I) puella.itMarcus Reed (GB) marcusreed.comSamuele Menin (I), Studio delle Alpi (LU), TocTocLAB (I) toctoclab.itTresxics (ES)