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April, 9 - 14, 2019

Fabbrica del Vapore, via G.C. Procaccini 4, Milano

As a child Leonardo da Vinci was used to sitting down on a holm oak and wonder what it was like to fly. His passion led him to invent flying machines to be able to climb up to the sky, to parachute, descending back to the earth without getting hurt. And Leonardo was used to studying the flight of birds and insects, bats and swallows. Hello Leo! Good morning child who wanted to learn to fly!

On the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s birth, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK dedicates a special project celebrating the greatest of genius’. Artist, painter, mathematician, scientist, man of multiform talent. We like to think of Leonardo as the first designer in history, able to combine creativity and functionality, beauty and practical resolution of problems, the desire to overcome limits and the ability to remain grounded. Even after flying!
Leonardo built terrible war machines, yet his models today look like toys. His studies and drawings regarding wings and animals today have the poetry of an illustration for children.

To celebrate Leonardo the designer, and to remember the childish components of his vision, we have collected works of young designers, innovative international brands and historical companies of Italian tradition. We have asked them to interpret, and update Leonardo's lessons and inspiration in their own way.

Hello Leo! Helps us teach children how to fly again!

From April 9th to 14th, unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK, collaborating for the second time with the Municipality of Milan, interprets a 600 sqm open space at the Fabbrica del Vapore and wants to celebrate design for children, products and companies.

Inside the exhibition we want to pay homage to Leonardo with historical and contemporary pieces by great designers that still help us to fly today: the Bruno Munari Abitacolo (produced by Rexite) which is already 40 years old with a structure assembled with only 8 screws, the H-Horse rocking horse designed by Nendo for Kartell, the legendary Eames elephant designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945 for Vitra, the Haptic Lab site-specific Flying Martha, from New York, for the first time in Italy, the birds nest cupboard by the Italian designer Alicucio, the Mona Lisa by the French Poppik to interact with, the imaginary machines by Foooty, and the graphic illustrations Duvet Days by Jenna Wiebe from Costa Rica

The partecipating brands are: Alicucio, Anne- Claire Petit, Banwood, Bonheur Intérieur Brut, Carapau Portuguese Products, CasieLiving, Cink, CLiCQUES, Collégien, DollsVilla by Liliane, Dotandcross, Dsgn Kids, Duvet Days, Eguchi Toys, Eperfa, Franck & Fischer, PlanToys, Play&go, Poppik, and Quut for Ama Gioconaturalmente, Foooty, Haptic Lab, Kartell, Koko Cardboards, Lama Palama, Linha Bloom, LOWII, Maké Maké, Mini Home, MOLUK, Nidi, Nini, nati con le ali, Nofred, Nuna, ooh Noo, Paola Sala, Pinch Toys, Puella, Reisenthel, Rexite, Swandoo distributed by Eleven, Tellkiddo, TIPTOE, Tresxics, Virvoltan, Vitra distribuita in Italia da Unifor e Molteni&C, Wooden Story, and Zanotta.

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Let's print a special wishes card for our moms and take inspiration to offer her a special bunch of flowers!
unduetrestella augura tanti auguri a tutte le mamme del mondo!

Clic here and download your special wishes card

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This year unduetrestella gives its 🌟Stars Collection (for Christmas)🌟 to the little patients at De Marchi Hospital in Milano. 

 It is a special advent calendar to color: ✏

starting from December 1st you have a daily star drawn by artists, illustrators, and designer, and dedicated to all children.


Waiting for Christmas, away from home, in a hospital room is sweeter with unduetrestella:
we offers 24 unique black & white stars, printed on A4 sheet, drawn by our close friends to color

✨Stars Collection (for Christmas) are made by:✨

⭐Alicucio, ⭐Bumoon, ⭐Pierluigi Calignano, ⭐Martine Camillieri, ⭐Martina Della Valle, 

⭐Fam Fara, ⭐Dossoforito, ⭐Fabulous Goose, ⭐Furf Design studio, ⭐Io kids design, 

⭐Melina for kids, ⭐Nobody&co., ⭐Luca Paulli, ⭐Paola Pezza, ⭐Puella, ⭐Alex Raso, 

⭐Studio delle Alpi, ⭐Toctoc Lab, ⭐Flaminia Veronesi 

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This year unduetrestella advent calendar is very...brilliant!

For 2017 advent calendar, Stars collection (for Christmas), involves different creative talents who share the idea to image a world of aesthetic for children: artists, designers, fashion designers, and illustrators, with some surprising...little guest stars.

Everybody draws a star, unique and unrepeatable, like those from the fairy tales, from our childhood memories, and from our dreams of flying spending the nights looking at the sky. 

Stars to colour, to customize, and not to forget.

STARS COLLECTION (FOR CHRISTMAS) are realized by: Alicucio (I), Bumoon (E), Pierluigi Calignano (I), Martine Camillieri (F), Martina Della Valle (I), Fam Fara (PL), Dossofiorito (I), Fabulous Goose (DK), Furf Design Studio (BR), IO Kids Design (UK) illustration by Jovanna NozinicMelinaforkids (I), nobody&co (I), Luca Paulli (I), Paola Pezza (I), Puella (I), Alex Raso (I), Studio delle Alpi (LU), ToctocLAB (I), Flaminia Veronesi (I)

STARS COLLECTION (FOR CHRISTMAS) is a project by unduetrestella, is a limited edition printed by Cartoleria-Tipografia Fratelli Bonvini Milano, available online and at:

Via GB Vico 1, Milano
Mon-Fri 10 am-7 pm

click here to discover more


This year unduetrestella advent calendar is very sweet and...eatable!
Together with a historic confectionery, unduetrestella has conceived and produced CHOCO ADVENT: it looks like a chocolate bar but each square is numered. A square a day until to 24, at Christmas!

CHOCO ADVENT is a project by unduetrestella, is a limited edition available online and at:

Via GB Vico 1, Milano
Mon-Fri 10 am-7 pm

click here to by your CHOCO ADVENT

Mum thinks I am at school    Little break at unduetrestellaSTORE, Thursday September 15 2016, via GB Vico 1, Milano   School is started but we keep playing at unduetrestellaSTORE!  Together with     Laboratoriografico     let's have fun and write our name, name of our sister, nickname of our big brother …   You can order letters and personalized and coloured writings!

Mum thinks I am at school
Little break at unduetrestellaSTORE, Thursday September 15 2016, via GB Vico 1, Milano

School is started but we keep playing at unduetrestellaSTORE! Together with Laboratoriografico let's have fun and write our name, name of our sister, nickname of our big brother

You can order letters and personalized and coloured writings!

unduetrestellaSTORE will be closed
from December 24th
until January 7th.

See you next year!


24 Little Angels accompany you this Christmas! Each day, from December the 1st to December the 24th you uncover a colouring drawing to help you celebrate the most magical time of the year and make it even more special for you and all your news friends!

The drawing is inspired by a sketch created by a very special mum, who would place it each night onto her little girl’s pillow to wish her goodnight.

My a project by unduetrestella, produced in limited edition and available at:

Via GB Vico 1, Milan
mon-fri 10am-7pm

click here to buy your advent calendar My Angel...

Looking for...Let’s play with Linea MammaBaby



#staylittle #staylittletobecomebig #littletobig #unduetrestellaDESIGNWEEK #unduetrestellaDW

On the occasion of Christmas in Expo Gate, on the 15th, 16th and 17th December 2014, from4.30 pm to 6 pm, unduetrestella waits for you at spazio Sforza of Expo Gate to learn together to make some Christamas flavour candies for our friends reindeers. For kids from 4.

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"Sai contare fino a Natale?" is an advent calendar by unduetrestella, produced in limited edition for Christmas 2014.

Sai contare fino a Natale? is on sale at unduetrestellaSTORE, you can buy it also with the heart of MV% Ceramics Design at a special price.


Uovokids is a very important Italian festival dedicated to contemporary creativity for kids (0-12) that takes place at the Leonardo da Vinci National Science Museum of Milan.
unduetrestella will be @ uovokids 2014 (18-19 october) with a super fun and colorful workshop, where kids will learn how to prepare candies using healthy flowers and herbs. 
for all the info:


a special thanks to Mera&Longhi for the candies and the wrapping papers :)

kidsroomZOOM! Riga Laboratory will open its doors tomorrow!
from 6 pm @ Alberta Street 12, Riga, Latvia - apartment 7

From October 2 – 31 kidsroomZOOM! Riga Laboratory will take place in Riga, as part of the ’Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture’ program!

Thanks RIJADA for organizing this super special edition!

more info on: