MICHAELE - Kalon Studios, designer How was your cot – and bed as a child? The crib is a yellow and white crib that is a hand-me-down from my mother's sister. The sides come up and down. It is a simple, standard design for the time. All cribs look alike. The bed I have is my mom’s from when she was little. It is a dark-cherry, twin-size bed with head and foot boards. I decorate the headboard with autumn leaves stuck on with toothpaste. The leaves crumbled off sort of quickly but the blue toothpaste is there forever.

Which was your favorite dish your mum used to cook for you? What meal didn’t you like at all? The same. Apparently, my favorite is spinach and then it became my least favorite.  I have drawings from then that say NO SPINACH scrawled across them. According to my mom the change is based on a sudden awareness of color on my part. Other favorites: spicy food, vinegar, candy, brie, pate, peanut butter and jelly, and steak.

What was your favorite book? I have a lot of favorites: Madeline. Good Night Moon. The Ox Cart Man.

Did you have an imaginary friend? A ton. Joey and Smookey (he wear glasses) are my best friends. There are loads of them. I even have an imaginary enemy – Monica. She is awful.