MIRALDA COLOMBO - journalist and food blogger/il cucchiaino di alice How was your cot – and bed as a child? I had a classic rocking cradle, I think so by my baby pictures… Pastel colors wood, bedding, carousel. Since the beginning my bed has been for a bigger child with a winter blanket printed in the middle with a saint bernard dog. I love to go under it inventing imaginary tales with my torch.

Which was your favorite dish your mum used to cook for you? What meal didn’t you like at all? I has been a good eater, I eat vegetables or soups. I have to say... I do not go crazy for the cabbage's world. My mom doesn't not like coocking but she often makes hand made pasta and I love helping her. Probably that's the reason why I have started to coock with Alice very soon, making pizza and coockies. For babies is a wonderful moment, magic.

What was your favorite book? I am divided among Alice in Wonderland, Pippi Longstocking and Anna with red hair. All of them have in common incredible and quirky adventures! I am a super lively child.

Did you have an imaginary friend? Sure, her name is Anna, she lives in a wood with many nymphes able during the night to become trees. Anna is also the person to whom I dedicate my diary’s pages.

What do you want to do when you grew up? I have no precise ideas about this… I dream to be able to travel through space and time (not really a job), maybe I could become a war reporter, as Oriana Fallaci or Tiziano Terzani to change the world and help people.