RICHARD WARMOUTH - WEAMO - designer How was your cot when you were a Baby? How is your bed?

My Cot was plain white classic and simple. My bed is a bunk bed I sleep in the lower bunk whilst my older brother John sleep in the upper bunk, it is always good fun pushing his mattress with my feet just to annoy him.

Which is your favorite dish your mum used to cook for you? What meal don’t you like at all? I love trifle and apparently if leave alone with one would eat the lot, all meals in our house are  big so this is some mean feat. I dislike traditional Sunday Dinner with roast beef and all the trimmings especially brussel sprouts, ironic is becaming now my favourite meal - if cooked by my mother that is.

What is your favorite book? The Water-Babies by Charles Kingsley, maybe that’s why I love surfing and steam engines?

Do you have an imaginary friend? No