h2o architectes: let's play and make space!

The Paris based h2o architectes are working on a new project "Chatou". And they've talk about their idea with zoomy. SUPER!


"This little building, located in the owner’s backyard, was neglected for years. The aim of the project was to provide a private space for a teenager looking for his independence. Therefore, the program includes elements necessary for an autonomous life including sleeping, living, studying and washing. It had been decided between the parents and teenager that meals would still be a shared time in the family home... Due to the very limited floor space (12m²) we tested different options assembling the programs into a kind of “inhabitable furniture”. Multiple spaces are connected in a unique volume in a series of four split-levels with dedicated areas for each of the programmatic functions. Silver birch plywood was chosen as the singular material for this living-space-as-furniture, giving a visual coherence and unity to the details and interlocking spaces".

Collective Paper Aesthetics

              Collective Paper Aesthetics, November 2010, Noa Haim

Collective Paper Aesthetics is a civic game in design models; reloading Buckminster Fuller Octet-truss patent to a series of explorations in objects, space and experience.

…On the contrary to a Blanc reference point Collective Paper Aesthetics is starting with a print proof. Simply take a tour around the room in your mind, fold and un-fold it, puzzle it and frame your special moments. The known and the unknown are visualized from one same yet different pre-cycled building block. Everyone can play a designer.  

Collective Paper Aesthetics is a civic game in design models – Can everyone be a citymaker? The work is translating a site specific installation made for London Festival of Architecture 2008 to a participatory activity, construction toy, household accessories and visual merchandizing.




Florian Puschmann - White elephant - designer  

How was your cut when you were a Baby? How is your bed? I don't remember my baby bed, but later my father built me a wonderful loft bed with a slide, lots of places to hide and a window with a flap connecting me to the living room.

Which is your favorite dish your mum use to cook for you? What meal don’t you like at all? Porridge, I use to eat it from a floating wooden bowl while I take a bubble bath. I do not want to eat rabbit, because they are so cute.

What is your favorite book? 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak

Do you have an imaginary friend? No, but lots of other nice people around me



the bed LIFETIME by nonjetable can be used by a child from 3 years up and for the rest of his life. The bed can be completed with seperated elements of different size, that come under the bed. Soft natural wooden touch without any treatment and even it can be easily assembled in a few minutes!


Meri Von Renteln - Nonjetable - designer 

How was your cut when you were a Baby? How is your bed? I had very little hair gring the first years and later on I have always short hair for summers. My first bed was a crib. It was light yellow with movable coloured wooden balls that you could move up and down on the wooden bars. On the bed head there was a sticker I remember precisely with a smiling child that showed 4 steps how to wash your teeth. Now I have a 90x200 bed a simple mattress with springs.

Which is your favorite dish your mum use to cook for you? What meal don’t you like at all? Hard question, because my mum don’t cook much and if she does it is not my favorite dish. My favorite dish is a fish soup. I don’t really like any meat dishes, I think meat look quite suspect.

What is your favorite book? The books with the Moomin , read in the evening with Tove Jansson’s rich black and white drawings.

Do you have an imaginary friend? No I only have real friends, especially my bestfriend who I imagine to be my sister or at least my cousin. Or I imagine that my dog plush animal is a real dog.


by Il cucchiaino di Alice

Ingredients: leaves of chicory, half pear, 1 or 2 zucchini, extra virgin olive oil, 1 mozzarella, (salt, pepper for mum&dad), onion, parmigiano reggiano cheese

Stew onion with 2 little spoon of oil, add zucchini and pear, leaves of chicory. Cover with 1 and half litre of water. Cook for 20-25 '. Blend all with a little spoon of oil, parmigiano, for the baby add some pieces of  mozzarella and pearl millet.  For mum and dad add salt and pepper  and if you like some peel of ginger.


CRISTIANO GUERRI -  photographer

how is your bed? My bed is inside a closet. As a kind of magic box, every night my mum pull and voilà! she use to put around it a magic lamp that draws fantastic shadows on the wall: that's my magic place.

which kind of meal you do not like? and your favourite? I hate apples and tomatoes. I'm crazy for chocolate.

your favorite book to read? My favorite book is an illustrated encyclopedia about animals. I spend hours on insects and amphibious (I especially love beetles and tritons).

have you got an imaginary friend? No, but I have a real rhinoceros beetle hidden under my desk. Please don't tell mum, she's terrified by the big horn!



how is your bed? My bed is white and it has a cover printed with red butterflies. Recently my sister sleeps with me because my brother, who eats during the night, needs a room by himself.

which kind of meal you do not like? and your favourite? I eat almost all, even vegetables and soups, but I really do not like tomates!  I love "cotolette" breaded cutlet, maybe because in my home they do not use to cook it too much!

your favorite book to read? At my old granny's home there is a big wardrobe full of toys and books and my mum used them too. One of the story I like the most (and my mum too) is Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.

have you got an imaginary friend? No, I have my sister that is only 11 months younger than me…I don’t need one!!






how is your bed? the sheets are patterned with a floreal design with white blossoms and strawberries. A nice field for play…

which kind of meal you do not like? and your favourite? I do not eat meat and cheese. I like potatoes. Actually i eat only potatoes.

your favorite book to read? Barbapapà

have you got an imaginary friend? No, but I have a tiny pink panther puppet. She is a girl, and she is real!