ORIANA PICENNI, Vogue Bambini journalist

How is your bed? My bed is cream and chocolate coloured with a big flowers  bedspread. My bed is the same of my sister’s one. On the cream part I have sticked some cardscourg which help me dreaming! Which kind of meal you do not like? I do not like courgettes! I cannot swallow them! And your favourite? I love cotoletta especially because my mum is used to cook it with a lot of fried potatoes. Your favorite book to read? I do not like books to much. I have a red record player. My favourite records are those of  Little Match Girl, and of Little Red Riding Hood. I love listening them wile mum is preparing my lunch. Have you got an imaginary friend? I have tried once to image one but I have forgotten to talk to him... he was too boring! I love chatting with my dolls.