ILYA, r u on holiday?

Ilya, designer, kidsonroof

If girls like pink, boys love war. we cant refuse this fact. Paying visit to museum of military history, open air expositions, places of battles, even old Greek ruins was not enough. Anywhere. it could be my very favorite place. Simferopol (see picture town centre, me &T34 glorious soviet tank), an after Sevastopol, this Black Sea harbour have it all.I was at Crimea once. At that summer time gave my mother lessons to young geologists camps of Moscow university. Her teaching course was almost done, when my father and me arrived. It was late. We had an exiting journey: three hours by trolleybus to Sebastopol. I knew only short distance trips, but this. I was hyper exited and exhausted, I remember I was trying to tell my mom about all that everything I've seen. But I was only five years old.I read that pictures help to capture the memories. That's right. So pity, in 1972 we didn't make so many photographs like we do now. But specifically this picture is now supported by memory.