Arzu & Paul, Arzu Firuz design studio

how is your bed? Arzu A lot of cuddly toys and dolls made of fabric are put down on my bed cover. In day time the bed's space becomes a playground : I like playing with all that toys around me ! Also I take advantage of the softness of the bed to lay down and look at the pictures of a fairy tell story. At night I find my lucky pillow. I can not sleep without it. I take it everywhere I go when I have to sleep outside home. Paul I have a bunk bed I share with my little brother. When I am in bed I discover fabulous landscapes in the ceiling's imperfections.

which kind of meal you do not like? and your favourite? Arzu I am not a big fan of vegetables neither of fish. But I do like meat balls, pasta and pancakes my mum usually makes on sundays. Paul It's not difficult to satisfy my taste when it comes to eat. I specially like delicatessen from Alsace (A region in the North East of France) bought by my grand mother for tea time.

your favorite book to read? Arzu I love illustrated books : I have old compilations of Mickey comics I read from the beginning to the end. When I went to my friend Adine's house I found a beautiful illustated Perrault's fairy tale book. So when I go to see her next time I will absolutely take time to look at those engravings. Paul I love the story of Robinson Crusoe and the Odyssey. I am fascinated by travel stories.

Do you have an imaginary friend ? Arzu I do not have imaginary friends but I am a day dreamer, I invent stories. With my friend Melis we are spending a lot of time inventing magical potions made of washing powder, shampoo and nail polish. Paul I do not have an imaginary friend. I can spend an entire day playing with my legos alone. I am making spacecrafts, stupendous houses, boats. But I am not inventing stories with these toys, I am mostly interested in construction and not in imagination.