Kokette chair, Nomad table and Kiosk bookcase by Rouge Garden. Super!


Papila is research project on new ways to enjoy the experience of eating with food design, a discipline that sees food as a design material in an entirely different way to the traditional cuisine. From top, Berta Riera, Joon & Jung, Alberto Arza and Proyecta.


Kids furniture by the young designer Alena Kurfürstová from Brno


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Bumoon: vinyl design for children! S u p e r !



EGG... helmets

Street_01 copiaStreet_07 copiaSnow_02 copiaDOROTHY-princess-SIDE copia PUA-white_horns-SIDE copiaNeon_Blue-White_Horns-SIDE copiaDante-Black_Horns-SIDE copiaJack-mohawk-SIDE copiaEGG-Add-on_Fruitstalk-SIDE copiaEGG-Add-on_Princess-SIDE copia EGG-Add-on_Mohawk-SIDE copia Hello, my name is EGG! Universal customizable headgear for cycling, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kite boarding, wakeboarding, and other gravity sports. Designed, engineered and produced by EGG, Holland.