Kalon introduces a limited collection of beautifully handmade masks for Halloween. Made in New York by Amelia McIsaac the masks are available in five whimsical styles: Coyote, Owl, Fox, Chicken and Bear!

Let's play with Anita & co!

Anita (little chicken), Annibeth (little bird), Vincenzo (little donkey ), Giotto (little sausace dog), Frivolo (little fish) are puppet animals ideated by Maria Piovano! Grembiulacci and bavagliacci are from Maria's cooking clothing collection LINE KARKLUDE, realized from old dishtowels (called strofinacci in Italian)...   S U P E R  !

Collective Paper Aesthetics

              Collective Paper Aesthetics, November 2010, Noa Haim

Collective Paper Aesthetics is a civic game in design models; reloading Buckminster Fuller Octet-truss patent to a series of explorations in objects, space and experience.

…On the contrary to a Blanc reference point Collective Paper Aesthetics is starting with a print proof. Simply take a tour around the room in your mind, fold and un-fold it, puzzle it and frame your special moments. The known and the unknown are visualized from one same yet different pre-cycled building block. Everyone can play a designer.  

Collective Paper Aesthetics is a civic game in design models – Can everyone be a citymaker? The work is translating a site specific installation made for London Festival of Architecture 2008 to a participatory activity, construction toy, household accessories and visual merchandizing.




ANNE CLAIRE PETIT, designer How is your bed? Nice and soft with some toys, nice sweet cuddly animals in the room i have pictures of all kind of animals specially dogs and rabbits my favourites

Which kind of meal you do not like? and your favourite? I dont like apple-juice and I love pasta and sushi

Your favorite book to read? Alice in wonderland, Olivia. I love Wallace and Gromit movies.

 Have you got an imaginary friend? No but i like to draw sketches of immaginarie farmhouses with a lot of animals,