JAVIER GUTIERREZ CARCACHE, designer, Adonde How is your bed? my bed is very small. It has a strong iron frame with interwoven wire strings that bounce softly and I can jump as if it were a trampoline, so strong it is. It is next to my little brother’s bed, so if I jump too high, I can land on his bed. We pile up pillows to make a landing and sometimes we crash against each other.

Which kind of meal you do not like? I hate milk. the milk I drink comes directly from a cow in my uncle’s farm and the taste is too strong for me. I have to close my eyes and drink it at once the way you drink your medicines when you’re ill. I guess I have to drink it if I want to grow up.

And your favourite? I love my mom’s omelette: fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. she batters the egg with all the vegetables before frying the omelette on both sides. It becomes this airy tortilla, light inside and crunchy on the outside. I wrap it inside a corn tortilla. UHMMM… I wish I could eat one right now.

Your favorite book to read? My favorite book is the little prince. I wish It was me who drew that snake with the hat, I mean the elephant. And I wish I had met all those interesting animals and people and I love that he has a flower who domesticated him and a fox that wants to be domesticated and it’s all about ties between people. Good ties. And I love how the color of wheat is like the little prince’s golden hair. Sigh.

Have you got an imaginary friend? No imaginary friend for me.


ICO ! recycled cardboard basket !

ICO is the new Adonde object! Directly inspired from an icosahedron with its twenty sides, ICO comes in several colors to put on your desk, shelf or table. Just empty your pockets into it. ICO will hold steady on any of its sides and you can roll it from one place to another.