Timbuktu Magazine

Timbuktu Magazine

The first digital magazine for children specifically designed for the iPad.

Timbuktu combines imagination and technology to display news and stories through the most advanced methods of education. The interactive design is simple and clear, with full focus on content. The graphic style is brave and solid, with no distracting glitz.

Timbuktu was born as a collaboration of young designers, writers, photographers and illustrators working on communication projects for children. «Designing digital content for children is one of the most exciting challenges of our time», said Elena Favilli, Timbuktu’s founder and Editor-in-Chief. «We wanted to make a digital magazine where children could find visually stunning content and intuitive interaction design. And we wanted to make it a place where they could cultivate their curiosity and strengths».

News has never been this marvelous!

 Timbuktu Magazine is free, find it on apple store