Timbuktu Magazine

Timbuktu Magazine

The first digital magazine for children specifically designed for the iPad.

Timbuktu combines imagination and technology to display news and stories through the most advanced methods of education. The interactive design is simple and clear, with full focus on content. The graphic style is brave and solid, with no distracting glitz.

Timbuktu was born as a collaboration of young designers, writers, photographers and illustrators working on communication projects for children. «Designing digital content for children is one of the most exciting challenges of our time», said Elena Favilli, Timbuktu’s founder and Editor-in-Chief. «We wanted to make a digital magazine where children could find visually stunning content and intuitive interaction design. And we wanted to make it a place where they could cultivate their curiosity and strengths».

News has never been this marvelous!

 Timbuktu Magazine is free, find it on apple store




ROMY BOESVELD - Kidsontheroof - designer

How was your cot when you were a baby? How is your bed? The cot was most certainly a 2nd hand one as I was born unplanned with very young parents whi had no budget. The bed is a 2-layer bed for me and my sister my father made himself. With an integrated wooden kitchen on the first floor for us to play with and it is lots of fun.

Which is your favorite dish your mum uses to cook for you? What meal don’t you like at all? Favourite: pancakes of course, for most dutch kids I think  - with “stroop” (old dutch syrup). Hates: everything cabbage like…..red / white / green ….brrrrrr

What is your favorite book? Wiplala from Annie MG Schmidt, about a little little man as big as your little finger who can do magic but not well enough – therefore his co-Wiplalas have sent him away and he arrives in the human world. He comes living with a Dutch family of one father – a writer who doesn’t make any money and needs to accept some uninteresting job – and two kids – a boy and girl. Together with Wiplala they have lots and lots of adventures.

Did you have an imaginary friend? No, we have a real dog and a hamster and a rabbit – that is great!



ILYA YASHKIN - Kindsontheroof - designer

How was your cot when you were a Baby? How was your bed when you were a child? I had a cot made by my grand father, like a small boat, blue of colour.

Which Is your favorite dish your mum used to cook for you? Usually my father is cooking, he works at home and he cook good. I like saucisson freche very much, but usually it is for adults. Strange old fashion world!

What meal don’t you like at all? Just a morning meal, before the school.

What is your favorite book? Jack London's South Sea Tales. Where boys are man, hard but happy.

Do you have an imaginary friend? No, But I have a lots of dogs as friends. In our country village they know me all!



author Fabian Negrin, illustrations of Fabian Negrin by orecchio acerbo

A tiny, fulminating anthology that brings together some of the most famous fairytales. It revisits them, with cutting sarcasm and irony, in the light of a collective imagination that’s as fervid as it is savvy and aware. Trying to contain them within the 160 characters of a text message as playful homage, as well as an attempt to help them along their journey into the future. With the hope that the fairytales will take us with them.”