ANDER LIZASO, product designer How is your bed? I have to share my bedroom with my older brother, so mine is the little one. Still a nice simple bed with some really nice wooden parts. Which is the meal you do not like at all? I eat all kinds of food except for carrots. I tell my mom I'm not a rabbit. Your favourite meal? I love grandma's croquettes, there's nothing like them. Your favourite book? I really like the Teo collection. My favourite book would be "Teo goes to the zoo". Have you got an imaginary friend? I don't have any but a friend of mine says he does, so I'm eager to know them...


Bull created by the industrial designer Ander Lizaso makes a perfect furniture piece for children between 3 and 6 years old. In essence it´s a tiny chair with the backrest being a "giant" spinning wheel. That allows it to be used as a basket or a trolley, and given the kid´s imaginary and Bull´s evocative shapes it may easily become a toy itself.