DANIEL ROSSI, designer How is your bed? My bed is an old wood frame. On it there is a large quilt with printed letters, cars, boats, and trains. Hanging next to me on the post of the bed is a Dream Catcher which keeps the bad dreams away. It is a small bed but relaxing non the less, especially with my Mickey Mouse Fantasia night light. Which kind of meal you do not like?  I do not like vegetables. Anything green I immediatley associate as harrible tasting. And your favourite? As my parents would say, I am a meat-eater. I think it’s because my favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex. As one can imagine, my favorite food on the other hand, is anything meat. Especially the home made sausages my dad and zio make. Your favorite book to read? My favorite books to read are the Chuck E. Beaver collection. My parents read them to me every night before I would go to sleep. Have you got an imaginary friend? I do not have an imaginary friend. But I do have a friend named Charlie. He is a stuffed polar bear that goes with me everywhere. I even put my dad’s old dog collar on him. Charlie is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Sit down in the garden !

Wedge Bench is  by Daniel Rossi in collaboration with Jonny Wray and Richard Beumer. The Wedge Bench consists of only six parts and is held together by eight wedges, it is simple to assemble and produce. The CNC milled pieces can be easily distributed through the digital cutting file to local manufacturers avoiding shipping and distribution of the components themselves. The Wedge Bench comes in two standard designs, a single seater and a longer three person seater. The laminated wood with an HPL coating, protects from wear and tear whilst allowing the individual to choose the colour of their choice. Indoors or outdoors, no glue or nails required. The wedge bench shares it's rugged form with the comfort and beauty of an iconic park bench.  S U P E R    B A N C    P U B L I C !