MARIE FINDELING, Deuz How is your bed? My bed is a trampoline during the day and transforms into a cave at night for my 10 "blankies". What don't you like to eat? As odd as it seems, I couldn't stand eating candies ...each sweet meant going to the dentist! Which is your favourite meal? My favorite was definitely pasta. Which is your favourite book? I loved the french "Père Castor" stories, especially "Marlaguette" about a girl taking care of a wild wolf. Have you got an imaginary friend? With 2 sisters, one brother and 25 cousins ... no place for an imaginary friend ! But I liked to create imaginary settings for my Playmobiles.

Welcome to  Lou  and let's wait for Charlotte from DEUZ!

DEUZ... universe

DEUZ introduces bright and lively creations for kids from 2-10 years old. DEUZ is all about energetic colors and designs, unexpected keen typography and surprising associations.. It is a stimulating aesthetic universe, applied to one-of-a kind objects, both useful and cunning, that you can combine at your own imagination It is a selection of the best materials for the kids and their planet (certified organic cotton, natural dyes, recycled paper…).

and DEUZ reveals the little creations on the grand scale … Young artits, sharpen your pencils!