ANNA PFEIFFER, designer, HASE WEISS How is your bed? It is white and simple and has a wonderful view in the trees. The window at nicht is vealed of a dork brown curtain with big orange flowers on it, I never liked. Which kind of meal you do not like?  All kinds of sausages! I hate all these german sausages. And your favorite? I love strawberies and eat them until I get red stippels all over. Your favorite book to read? " Who has stolen the atlantic?" Harry wants to go swimming, but unfortunately the atlantic is all gone. No water any more. At the end , he finds out, that the club of fat men has stolen it, because all people lough at them, when they go swimming. They put all the water in the cellar of their club house. Harry and his friends carry back the water, where it belongs. Have you got an imaginary friend? I like riding with my white horse all night and even when we go somewhere by car, I ride along.