ALICE CATTANEO, artist How is your bed? It’s a yellow iron bunk bed. I sleep down. My two cats are used to sleep in the upper bed that is full of their hairs.

Which is your favourite food? I like the “thready rice” that my dad prepares. He cooks the rice with a lot of cheese that melting with the hot rice becomes thready! My mum is fantastic when she cooks the cinnamon pie. What don’t you like? I do not like cooked fennels and those little and black things, like black olives and capers.

Which is your favourite book? Dr Seuss' Horton Hears A Who and Magic Piper LP: when it’s time to turn the page, there is a "drin".

Have you got an imaginary friend? No.

What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a fireman like Grisù.

Which is your first drawing? A lot of doodles on my dad books... and a kangaroo with a koala inside his pouch.


 CONNIE WONG, illustrator

How is your bed? My parents have a very nice bed that like to jump on it very much. 

Which kind of meal you do not like? I hate bitter melon. And your favourite?  I love deep fired milk from a dim sum restaurant by my house. 

Your favorite book to read? Old Master Q Comic, its funny!

Have you got an imaginary friend? You mean the puppy that I ride to school everyday?



GIANNI CARAVAGGIO, artist How is your bed? When I was very little I had the traditional crib and I lived with my grandparents. Now I am older and I sleep with my two brothers in three very common wooden beds. I can lift my bed up and hide my drawings

Which is your favourite meal? I love the duck filled with apples prepared by my mum. I hate the tripe.

Your favorite book? An illusted book with lions, Superman. What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor for the sports.   Which was your fist drawing? I have drawn a cheetah and an hunter. My teacher wanted it and I had to give it to her...



GIANNI PEZZANI, photographer  How is your bed? My grandmother bed

Which kind of meal you do not like? and your favourite? I don’t like codfish and courgette. My favorite  meal is Chistmans panettone

Your favorite book to read? My favorite book is  “Sussi and Biribissi”  (Collodi )

Have you got an imaginary friend? Yes , his name is Gigantino. He is very small, muscolar, and powerfull.  He can move all big things like heavy truks...


Martina Della Valle, artist How is your bed? My bed has got a drawer that comes out from behind for my friends. Over the head there is my library.

Which kind of meal you do not like? I do not like the green  beans with sauce. And your favourite? I love to bite parmisan cheese.

Your favorite book to read? “Giochi d'ossa” by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Have you got an imaginary friend? No, I haven't.