AMALIA PICAEavesdropping2013, glasses and glue, dimensions variable. Courtesy Marc Foox, LA. MAGIC ARTWORK!

Memory of the forest

Kacey Wonk esplains her SUPER project: Memory of the forest! GREAT

 "I heard the animals in the forest are slowly disappearing. In the name of progress and development, deforestation took place in the jungle and the original habitats of the animals were destroyed in an unprecedented scale. The animals in the forest cannot adapt to the drastic change of the environment and heading towards extinction. The trees that once provide shelter for the animals got transformed into industrial product, then further turned into garbage and buried at the landfill in a very short time. Inside the memory of the animals that once lived in the forest, they would remember us as Destruction, Disappearance, and Death". Kacey Wonk esplains her SUPER project: Memory of the forest! GREAT


ANDREA MASTROVITO, artistHow is your bed? My bed is built in a big ’70s wardrobe. Between the wardrobe and my bed there are some shelves at 30cm from the matress. I love to squeeze myself in between, to feel myself safe and cuddled during the night. I love blue sheets with white spots. When I wake up for a bad nightmare, I switch on the light and I open my Topolino: just watching the images! Which is the meal you do not like at all? I hate carrots. I had to eat kilos of carrots when I had gastroenteritis. for this reason they are crap! Your favorite meal? I love the omelette that mum prepares. I image to eat it with beans and sauces like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in Lo chiamavano Trinità western movie. Your favourite book? I do not read because I cannot. I watch the images from Topolino and I wonder what are those black signs into the white ballons. Have you got an imaginary friend? No I haven’t. Only imaginary enemies from whom I have to fight to save the world!


ALICE CATTANEO, artist How is your bed? It’s a yellow iron bunk bed. I sleep down. My two cats are used to sleep in the upper bed that is full of their hairs.

Which is your favourite food? I like the “thready rice” that my dad prepares. He cooks the rice with a lot of cheese that melting with the hot rice becomes thready! My mum is fantastic when she cooks the cinnamon pie. What don’t you like? I do not like cooked fennels and those little and black things, like black olives and capers.

Which is your favourite book? Dr Seuss' Horton Hears A Who and Magic Piper LP: when it’s time to turn the page, there is a "drin".

Have you got an imaginary friend? No.

What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a fireman like Grisù.

Which is your first drawing? A lot of doodles on my dad books... and a kangaroo with a koala inside his pouch.


GIANNI CARAVAGGIO, artist How is your bed? When I was very little I had the traditional crib and I lived with my grandparents. Now I am older and I sleep with my two brothers in three very common wooden beds. I can lift my bed up and hide my drawings

Which is your favourite meal? I love the duck filled with apples prepared by my mum. I hate the tripe.

Your favorite book? An illusted book with lions, Superman. What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor for the sports.   Which was your fist drawing? I have drawn a cheetah and an hunter. My teacher wanted it and I had to give it to her...



CHIARA CAMONI - artist  

how is your bed? With flowers

which kind of meal you do not like?

Beetroot and your favourite? Pastries with cream

your favorite book to read? Richard Scarry’s Storybook dictionary

have you got an imaginary friend? His name is “puf puf castagnuff”