How is your bed? My bed is big, tall, white and confortable. A lot of cushions on it and a little window next to my pillow let me observe all around remaining all covered under my sheets. Which kind of meal you do not like? I do not like fruit! And your favourite? I love and live with my grandmother's meatballs. Your favorite book to read? The Sophie Fatus' illustrated book named OH OH, Emme Edition. Lovely and suggestives drawings and a lot of stories to imagine. Have you got an imaginary friend? Yes I have. His name is Pallino. Shhh... speak softly, otherwise he wakes up..

Let's play with Anita & co!

Anita (little chicken), Annibeth (little bird), Vincenzo (little donkey ), Giotto (little sausace dog), Frivolo (little fish) are puppet animals ideated by Maria Piovano! Grembiulacci and bavagliacci are from Maria's cooking clothing collection LINE KARKLUDE, realized from old dishtowels (called strofinacci in Italian)...   S U P E R  !