XIRAL SEGARD, designer

How is your bed? I share a small room with my sister, our beds are located inside the floor and every morning we close the lid to have a great playing surface. Which kind of meal you do not like? I am very greedy and curious, like spices and strange food. And your favourite? Pancakes on Sunday evening. Your favorite book to read? "Contes des Pays de Neige" a collection of Russian folk  tales, stories of Grimm, of Andersen and Henri Troyat, illustrations Adrienne Ségur and "The Famous Five" by Enid Blyton, Bibliothèque Rose. Have you got an imaginary friend? No.


The concrete pavement Playtime designed by Xiral Segard plays with geometric and counterforms concrete. The pattern on the first plate, disappears little by little on the second and third slab no longer exist on the fourth. Theses four pavement each can create a design more or less dense in places!