Till you stop - cake decoration ?

Till you stop- cake decoration deals with a cake decoration method that allows the costumer/visitor to decide how much decoration is applied onto their cake. A simple machine decorates the cake with lines (similar to a Spirograph) and continuously decorates until the costumer/visitor decides to stop the decoration process. Then in a second process sugar pearls are dropped onto the glazing. The decor is continuously changing and the costumer/visitor decides whether he prefers a simple ornament or a more complex one. When is the right time to stop?

Super project by mischer'traxler


Spring smell thanks to Il cucchiaino di Alice

Ingredients: manitoba flour 300 gr, kamut flour 150 gr, fresh brewer's yeast 12 gr, sugar 1 little spoon, salt, water 150-200 ml, parmigiano cheese 1 spoon, pecorino cheese 1 spoon, asparagus pointed, boiled honeycomb, oil.

Melt fresh brewer's yeast 7 gr with a little spoon of sugar in a cup of warm water, wait few minutes. Mix 100 gr of manitoba flour with two little spoos of warm water. Put the compound in a fresh place to leaven some hours (even the whole night). Take the risen ball, melt the remain brewer's yeast in warm water with a spoon of sugar, wait few minutes and add the flour. Add warm water (where you melt 1 little spoon of salt before) and parmigiano chesee, knead. Put the compound in a warm place to leaven(for example the oven 35 C°) for 2 hours.

Dust with flour the little pots, put the mixture there in small portions. Put the honeycombs on the top, in the middle an asparagus (put some alluminium sheet around them for the oven). Leave them in a warm place to leaven for 1 hour.

Finally put them in the oven 200 C° for 25'-30'