Collective Paper Aesthetics

              Collective Paper Aesthetics, November 2010, Noa Haim

Collective Paper Aesthetics is a civic game in design models; reloading Buckminster Fuller Octet-truss patent to a series of explorations in objects, space and experience.

…On the contrary to a Blanc reference point Collective Paper Aesthetics is starting with a print proof. Simply take a tour around the room in your mind, fold and un-fold it, puzzle it and frame your special moments. The known and the unknown are visualized from one same yet different pre-cycled building block. Everyone can play a designer.  

Collective Paper Aesthetics is a civic game in design models – Can everyone be a citymaker? The work is translating a site specific installation made for London Festival of Architecture 2008 to a participatory activity, construction toy, household accessories and visual merchandizing.