The Kid City in an ongoing project by Noel Bramley and Richard Shed. It builds on work that each designer has done in the past few years, exploring the interaction of adults and children around stories, objects and the imagination.  The cloud, rainbow and mountain are the first in a series which is an ongoing enquiry into experiential storytelling and functional design and changing environments.



how is your bed? My bed is white and it’s the same of my sisters. I sleep with them. Before sleeping a beautiful thing happens every time: Serena, my big sister, tells us “good night”, Alice, my little sister, tells us “good rest”, finally I tell them “sweet dreams”, so we fall asleep!

which kind of meal you don't like? and which is your favourite one? I  don't like alla green vegetable: courgettes, green beans, cabbage, beans...! Desire icecream! I love when my mum authorizes my sisters and me to eat it in front of the TV.

which is your favorite book ? "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott is fantastic! It's also my favourite film!

have you got an imaginary friend? No, I haven’t an imaginary friend, but I have a lot of true friends!



ROMY BOESVELD - Kidsontheroof - designer

How was your cot when you were a baby? How is your bed? The cot was most certainly a 2nd hand one as I was born unplanned with very young parents whi had no budget. The bed is a 2-layer bed for me and my sister my father made himself. With an integrated wooden kitchen on the first floor for us to play with and it is lots of fun.

Which is your favorite dish your mum uses to cook for you? What meal don’t you like at all? Favourite: pancakes of course, for most dutch kids I think  - with “stroop” (old dutch syrup). Hates: everything cabbage like…..red / white / green ….brrrrrr

What is your favorite book? Wiplala from Annie MG Schmidt, about a little little man as big as your little finger who can do magic but not well enough – therefore his co-Wiplalas have sent him away and he arrives in the human world. He comes living with a Dutch family of one father – a writer who doesn’t make any money and needs to accept some uninteresting job – and two kids – a boy and girl. Together with Wiplala they have lots and lots of adventures.

Did you have an imaginary friend? No, we have a real dog and a hamster and a rabbit – that is great!