MAO FUSINA, he studied architecture but he doesn’t work as an architect. He projects creative itineraries for children with industrial waste materials. How is your bed? My bed is up, Momo sleeps down, I am older and I sleep up. My bed is now red but, before that dad had bulit the ping pong table, it was white. the wooollen blankets are a bit bristly . Mum have bought a strange thing from Swisserland that help to link the blankets under the mattress: in this way they cannot move during the night!

What do you like to eat? And what do not like? I do not like biled carrots, the leaver (that mum wants sometimes give me to eat) and the sea sand. I love the meat from Dogliani and the well cooked breaded veal cutlet. I also like the round suger candies very much.

What’s your favourite book? I do not read books so much. I watch pictures and I am not interested in books without images. I read Topolino very much because there are many images that helps to understand stories instead of many words. I like the images and books regarding animals.

 Have you go an imaginary fiend? I have not any imaginary friends but I often act to be someone else.